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Sherritt Services Inc. is introducing a Virtual Medical Office Assistant service aimed at helping physicians and clinics manage the Tasks associated with a modern practice.


Sherritt’s ‘Virtual MOA Service’ was created to support your current clinic/physician staff in maintaining efficiency in the workplace, on an ‘as needed’ basis. Employee MOA’s require an hourly wage, CPP, EI, vacation days, holiday pay, sick days, health benefits, and ongoing training.  Plus, to fill gaps, you must bring an Employee MOA in for a minimum of 3 hours per working day. A Sherritt Virtual MOA can fill any gap as required to keep your employees current and on task, instead of hiring another Employee MOA that could be expensive and underutilized. Sherritt’s Virtual MOA’s can work as little or as much as is required to staff your Practice effectively.


Duties and tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Managing referral letters to be sent
  • Schedule specialist bookings – new pts/existing pts
  • Confirm specialist bookings- new pts/existing pts
  • Appointment follow-ups – existing patients
  • Schedule existing patients who have not been in for a time
  • Manage patient information- as per clinic directive
  • Fax documentation
  • Follow up on failed fax transmissions (fax reconciliation)
  • Virtual filing into patient charts
  • Create documents for lab, diagnostic imaging, hospitals, pharmacies
  • Internal EMR documentation of all work completed, either on patient chart or answering tasks



Employee MOA’s spend between 2-20 hours per week on tasks that could be offloaded to a Virtual MOA. Offloading some of those tasks could make your Employee MOAs more effective in their interactions with your patients and in doing the hands-on tasks that make the physicians more productive. As a direct representative of the physician, ensuring that your Employee MOAs are supported and efficient is critical to patient care and physician productivity. Utilizing a Sherritt Virtual MOA to stay current and not overwhelmed with administrative duties just makes sense.



General terms of service are:

  • Hourly fee, invoiced monthly.
  • Will provide reports tracking tasks and duties fulfilled.
  • No minimum usage or commitment.
  • PIA submission ready.


We're the Medical Billing & Transcription Experts

We proudly offer medical administrative services to our clients all across Canada. With our professionally trained and experienced staff, you are in good hands. No matter the job, we can handle it for you with dedication and the kind of efficiency you’d expect from experts. Call Sherritt Services Inc. for process details, inquiries, or to schedule a non obligatory face to face meeting.

*We work remotely on ANY EMR software, and are an accredited submitter using our own in house software: Accuro by QHR.



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