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NO CODING required...Billing is not just about entering codes into software, it is about knowing your practice and applying the rules and codes accordingly. Detail services provided and managment of care, create an accounts recievable with SSI's help and set yourself up to succeed.


Sherritt Billing services process:


  • Patient visit or procedure is performed, physician details management of care services and face to face time either in their EMR or by using tools provided by Sherritt Services Inc.
  • If there are other services performed the same day of the visit until midnight (chart review prior to the visit as well charting post visit, lab and diagnostic imaging result review, consultation dictations, and any other management of care service not otherwise billable), physicians detail services and add time to their face to face visit
  • Sherritt Billing specialists review charts and bill for services rendered after the initial visit day to ensure all billable services and times are detailed.
  • Clients receive weekly payments and reports, if there are rejections, they are managed weekly
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How it works:


  • Upon starting with Sherritt clients are designated their own SSI team member to develop a working rapport with.
  • Physicians are ongoingly educated by their billing specialist, relative information is provided based on how the individual practices.
  • Sherritt Billing Specialists provide tools and knowledge to ensure that all billable services are captured at all locations. Procedure, visit and diagnostic codes are not required, Sherritt billers work off detailed chart notes and management of care time.
  • Partnering with your own billing specialist means the physician receives ongoing service, continuing communication and support.
  • Questions are answered in writing from the source, clients are kept current, if there are charts needing to be complete or times that need to be input, Sherritt keeps their accounts receivable on point by acting as a watchdog, ensuring legitimate success.
  • Never deal with tedious time consuming tasks like rejected claims or WCB submissions again, Sherritt Services Inc supports all government billings to completion. Reconciliation and WCB’s will never be a struggle or stress again after partnering with SSI.

Increase income, reduce workload, boost efficiency, partner with Sherritt Services Inc. today!



Are you missing time? Lets find out!

Try these examples of how you could be losing revenue in your practice (Alberta example). 

Your Sherritt Medical Billing Specialist can offer solutions based on the individual needs of the client. We will adapt to your unique practice and offer suggestions to maximize your revenue – all at a flat rate cost.

Note: please use whole numbers (no decimal or fractions) or leave the field blank if not applicable.


1.    Have you recently made phone calls to physicians that you did not bill - if yes, how many in a month?

2.    Have you received a phone call from a physician seeking advice regarding patient care that you did not bill - if yes, how many in a month?

3.    Do you bill for scheduled “grand rounds” in hospital conferencing with physicians, residents, nurses or other allied health professionals providing care advice for patients? If no, how many times in the past month has this happened?

4.    Have you spoken to a family member in a hospital setting about a patient's wellness recently that you have not billed? if yes, how many times in a month?

5.    Have you called a patient’s family member communicating about patient care or gathering information and not billed for the call? How many times in a month?

6.    Do you stay at the clinic after hours managing patient care (charting, reviewing labs, dictating, consultation or anything that is not otherwise deemed a billable service)? How many hours have you spent doing this in the last month?

7.    Has a pharmacist reached out for advice on a patient that you have not billed? If yes, how many times in the past month?

8.    How many times have you injected multiple serums and only billed for one injection in the past month?

9.    Have you called a long-term care facility or hospice, spoken with staff giving advice or information and not billed for the phone call? If yes, how many times in a month?

10.    Have you had a patient that received continuous care of an emergency nature in hospital or clinic and did not bill emergency detention? If yes, how many hours have you spent providing emergency care in the past month?

11.    Do you detail accurate patient management of care times in your charts? How many times per month have you assumed that you have not spent more than 15 minutes providing patient care?

Result will display here


A couple of fun facts:

Sherritt Services has a study available upon request showing how physicians spending more than 5.5 minutes a day performing anything billing related, are losing money. physicians will spend more time than that reconciling weekly. Sherritt Services Inc. is the best billing service provider, with the best and most secure processes in place to assist physicians in all Western Canada, BAR NONE.

Entering Data is not Billing, ensuring physicians are maximizing income, educated, reconciling PROPERLY and understanding what information is required to succeed, is billing!


We're the Medical Billing & Transcription Experts

We proudly offer medical administrative services to our clients all across Canada. With our professionally trained and experienced staff, you are in good hands. No matter the job, we can handle it for you with dedication and the kind of efficiency you’d expect from experts. Call Sherritt Services Inc. for process details, inquiries, or to schedule a non obligatory face to face meeting.

*We work remotely on ANY EMR software, and are an accredited submitter using our own in house software: Accuro by QHR.



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