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Efficiency in Your Practice

Are you worried about your income? Have you asked yourself, is my billing service working for me? Are the MOA’s overwhelmed?

Efficiency in Your Practice

Now Launching - Virtual Office Administrative Assistant and Reception.

Unlock the power of productivity and focus on what truly matters for your business by hiring a virtual office administrative assistant and take your business to new heights.

Now Launching - Virtual Office Administrative Assistant and Reception.

A VOAA can efficiently manage your emails, handle bookkeeping, schedule appointments, and more. Embrace the flexibility of remote support, save time, and scale your operations seamlessly. Experience the benefits of delegating responsibilities to a skilled virtual assistant.

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Alberta/Manitoba, Sales
Marena Seifert
Alberta Regional Sales Manager

British Columbia, AB, SK, MB -Canada East, Sales
Kyle Sherritt
Vice President

British Columbia & Alberta, Sales 
Fred Chapman
British Columbia & Alberta (south) Sales Manager

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