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Blended Capitation Model
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Blended Capitation Model

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Do you think billing for blended capitation is the same as billing fee for's not

At first glance billing Blended Capitation seems simple you get a list of "in basket" services and bill these under the appropriate BA then anything out of basket gets billed under your fee for service BA number. In this situation the rules have changed. You may have gotten comfortable not billing certain procedures since they are low paying and cannot be billed with a visit, but what if those same procedures now pay more than the visit? This is often the scenario when it comes to Blended Capitation. Though it may seem confusing, and you may feel that you do not have any options to maximize your billing within this model, there is opportunity to do so. Having a company like Sherritt Services Inc can be a great benefit in these situations. Our knowledge of the SOMB and Governing Rules puts us in an excellent position to navigate the Blended Capitation model in a way that allows you to maximize your income. 




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