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Transcription, When Saving Time = Saving Money
Suzzette Prevost 503

Transcription, When Saving Time = Saving Money

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Do you think using a transcription service won't benefit you? You may not realize all of the advantages

There is a lot of information each day that needs to be entered into your EMR: Visit notes, consult letters, referral letters, or updating other areas of your EMR.  Entering all this information can be time consuming and we all know the old adage “time is money”. Often physicians will turn to voice to text dictation software but is this really saving you time? Training the voice recognition software can be a time-consuming task. Even once the software training is complete there will often be mishears that need to be corrected. This means that someone need to proofread and correct each document. With Sherritt Services Inc. you are assigned an experienced transcriptionist dedicated to your files. Work is completed within 48 hours and is proofread to ensure correctness saving you the time of having to review each document and make corrections before sending. We are also happy to accommodate specific formatting or other requests. The benefits of outsourcing transcription versus having an in-house transcriptionist are many. You are only paying for work that is completed so in slower times you do not have the burden of covering salary and/or benefits even though the work level has decreased.  The stress and cost of covering holidays, hiring, and training new staff are no longer an issue as we ensure that you always have a trained professional ready to take care of your transcription needs.




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