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Virtual MOA Service
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Virtual MOA Service

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Virtual MOAs can do a lot of the work that the Clinic MOAs do not have time for. Clinic MOAs have a lot of work pressure which leads to less work productivity and more room for errors. They get burnt out and frustrated trying to keep up with their non-stop background work as well as trying to assist the doctors and the patients while they are trying to answer multiline phone calls. This frustration affects their quality of work and the patient care that they provide. In many offices MOAs do not have time to generate queries and find patients that require follow up care which then in turn can result in missed billings and care plans. Virtual MOAs can take care of many of these background tasks. Duties for Virtual MOAs can include calling patients to inform about upcoming specialist appointments, confirming appointments, inputting documents and faxes. This in turn will free up the Clinic MOAs alleviating some of their stress by reducing the heavy workload allowing them to focus on providing patient care and improving overall clinic productivity.  

It isn’t always practical for a clinic to hire an additional MOA as they are only needed for a short time each day/week. Or if a clinic does want to hire a MOA, in smaller communities it can often be difficult to find experienced employees. Hiring a Virtual MOA allows a clinic to work with an experienced MOA and only pay for the time needed.




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