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Transcription of dictated files should be done accurately and efficiently, using safe information handling policies and procedures. That is exactly what SSI offers!


Our process is very transparent:

  1.  1Dictate your voice file in any digital format using a handheld digital Dictaphone, smart phone, or tablet.
  2.  2Upload your dictated files to our transcriptionists via Sherritt Services Inc's secure file transfer station online (or have your staff do this, all training provided by SSI cost free).
  3.  3Your dictated files will be transcribed and final proofed for completion within 48 hours directly in your EMR/CHR charts, or onto your letterhead and sent back in electronic format to be organized by your staff.

Transcription Service Options



Sherritt will transcribe directly into your EMR/CHR:

  • You provide Sherritt with a User ID and Password to access your software.
  • Sherritt performs Quality Assurance on our work to ensure the highest quality of transcription
  • All transcription is done from within Canada, under a PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) submission package and an IMA (information managers agreement) , so Privacy concerns are met

Sherritt Transcription Services can include:

  • All of your transcription needs, or just a sub-set of your needs, including:
    • Your EMR visit notes;
    • Specialist Letters on your letterhead; and
    • Updating of particular Categories in your EMR (e.g. Problem List, Allergies, Family History) if requested
  • Transcription will be turned around within 48 hours, plus:
    • Infrequent requests for faster turnaround (urgent dictations) will be accommodated with no additional charge.
  • Our staff will meet with you, in person, virtually or by phone, to understand your unique needs.

The general terms of service are:

  • Per line charge, plus 5% GST;
  • We only charge 1 line for the insertion of macros;
  • No commitment with respect to any minimum per month;
  • Simple 12 month Contract, with option to terminate upon 30 days written notice


Contact us now for more information or to schedule a non obligatory face to face meeting.


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We proudly offer administrative assistant services to our clients all across Canada. With our professionally trained and experienced staff, you are in good hands. No matter the job, we can handle it for you with dedication and the kind of efficiency you would expect from experts. Call Sherritt Services Inc. for process details, inquiries, or to schedule a non obligatory face to face meeting.



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