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COURSE TITLE: Alberta Medical Billing




 Course Outline

Course Description:

  1. Learning the fundamentals of how to bill for physicians by understanding Governing Rules. Topics include developing an understanding of all applications, definitions, visits; consultations, minor/major procedures, hospital care, emergency care, trays, and off hour premiums.
  2.  Specific specialties and “exceptions to the rules”  within the Governing Rules will not be addressed in these  modules.

Course Details:

  • Total course hours: 48 hours (estimated dependent upon learner’s time to work on module)
  • Learning hours per week dependent on the individual schedule
  • Online location:
  • Pre-requisite:  None

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. To be a medical biller that understands the importance of category codes when billing fee codes for physicians to ensure there is no conflict with the billing fee codes so the physicians are paid correctly and fully.
  2. Having the ability to understand all the Governing Rules and use them as successful resources to answer billing questions when applying billing fee codes and diagnostic codes in billing software.
  3. Apply self-directed learning to be current with understanding medical bulletins as they become available.
  4. Implement billing rule and fee code changes by staying current with the most recent Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB).
  5. Understanding how to search the Governing Rules in the SOMB.
  6. Understanding how to search the Medical Procedures list in the SOMB.
  7. Understanding how to search the Medical Price List in the SOMB.
  8. Understanding how to search the Explanatory Code list in the SOMB.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will confidently understand:

  1. the functionality of how to search for Governing Rules, fee codes and rejection codes.
  2. how to search for answers to successfully bill for physicians as the SOMB serves as a guide.



 Class Format and Assignments

This is an online learning approach, which has participants learning at their own pace/time. Participants must have a computer that has MS Word, a search engine to bookmark internet addresses and log onto Sherritt’s website for the content.

Follow this link to Sherritt’s participant’s logon: and bookmark  on your search engine



Billing Module Descriptions

 Module 1

$690 + GST
SOMB overview and Governing Rule overview, definitions, applications, category code overview (20 hours estimated)

 Module 2

$330 + GST
Fee Modifiers (4 hours)

 Module 3

$330 + GST
Time Premiums (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 4

$330 + GST
Rotational-Nonrotational Duty (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 5

$330 + GST
Inpatient (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 6

$330 + GST
Long Term Care/Assisted Living/Lodge (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 7

$330 + GST
Explanatory Codes (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 8

$330 + GST
Medical Bulletins/Facilities/Functional Centres  (4 hours- estimated)

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